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Throughout my career of over 25 years as a teacher in the Burlingame School District, I have worked with students of all ages and levels to improve their academic abilities, organizational skills, self-confidence, and study habits.

Whether your child is struggling, overwhelmed, or simply wants to get better grades, I can provide individual and group tutoring services for all ages and all levels with a customized program to meet your child's needs. Quiet time outside the classroom is the perfect time to improve upon basic skills, develop effective organizational habits, and build confidence.

Individualized tutoring targets specific skill deficiencies that cannot always be met in the classroom setting. Through the implementation of research-based methods and techniques, students that receive individualized instruction show significant improvements in a relatively short amount of time.​

Brian McManus

Masters of Arts Education
San Francisco State University
Administrative Credential
Santa Clara County Office of Education
Leadership in Education Program
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential 
San Francisco State University
Bachelor of Arts Psychology  
Sonoma State University

Mission Statement

build self confidence to instill a joy of learning

self confidence

• develop a positive growth mindset
• focus on YET! - “Just because you can’t do it now doesn't mean you can't do it later.”
• create a positive learning experience by developing trust in abilities, qualities and judgements
• empower self-acceptance by taking pride in abilities and recognizing areas of growth
• practice setting manageable and achievable goals while celebrating accomplishments
• provide the skills to handle setbacks 
• embrace full potential and encourage best self 

Joy in Learning

• process-oriented, systematic approach to build success
• incremental instructions to support student's developmental level
• immediate feedback and recognition of progress 
• improve metacognitive and executive functions skills
• build self-esteem by strengthening foundation skills
• value "voice and choice" to promote ownership of learning
• create a positive student-teacher relationship
• embrace creativity, individuality, learning style and process

Tutoring Services Provided

Individual and Group Sessions


Strengthen writing skills for Lucy Caulkin’s Reading and Writing Project, Six Traits Writing, Noyce Writer's Workshop, The Writing Process, Expository, Narrative, Persuasive, and Response to Literature Genres.

Math Tutoring

IM, Swun, Everyday Math, Investigations, multiple-step problem solving, basic skills improvement strategies taught through hands-on research based methods to make math concrete, meaningful, and fun.

Organization & Planning

Process oriented steps to help students manage their time, set priorities, plan for the future, manage a busy schedule and work productively.

Study Skills

Identifying individual student's learning style to increase critical and pre-reading skills, proper note taking, time management, memorization, test preparation and test taking strategies.

Academic Coaching

Integrated and differentiated instruction to prepare every child for the next grade level, middle school, high school, and college transitions.

Technology & Presentations

 Increase proficiency in Google, Adobe, and  Microsoft presentation applications, website design, and tablet applications.

Homework Help

One-on-one explanation and reteaching of skills taught in class. Assessment of area of need and targeted instruction develop the skills necessary for classroom achievement.

The McManus Files
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Weekly activities and lessons to keep your child thinking and progressing all year long

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